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Whisper Set

Zoya Nailpolish, Zoya, Murmure ensemble, Nailpolish Murmure Set 2016 Limited Edition Nailpolish,

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  • Expérience couleur sérénité avec cette palette en sourdine et tranquille des neutres transitoires. La transition 2016 Whispers Collection par Zoya contient 1 de chacune des (0.5oz) bouteilles en mode plein écran suivantes:

    1 - Cala: a soft nude with a kiss of warmth that will flatter most skin tones.

    1 - April: a light, rosy toned neutral that is a modern take on blush.

    1 - Eastyn: a subtle grayed grape that is more interesting than mauve and gives a modern alternative that is ever so wearable.

    1 - Misty: an easy to wear taupe that is an updated version of gray with just a touch of green to make it daring.

    1 - Ireland: a uniquely wearable green that is muted enough to stay subtle yet still interesting.

    1 - Lake: a softened blue that gives the effect of serene water with just a hint of vibrancy to preserve its luminosity.
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